Breaks the ice where work happens.

Initiate better conversations in Slack. Get to know your colleagues, improve personal engagement and stay connected within your workspace.

Build trust & empathy with Circles.

9 out of 10 people working from remote feel disconnected & isolated

While in-person offices can have events, get-togethers, and casual conversation that happens in the office, that simply isn't the case for remote workers. Due to this, remote workers are less likely to be engaged by their colleagues at work, which can cause issues with retention.

Circles for Slack

Circles for Slack are designed to bring people together, for engaging and regular off-work conversations.

Circles such as: Catch-up Monday, Weekly AMAs or Bi-weekly code talks are not only fun and welcome diversion but often the foundation to new ideas and workplace culture. ...see how circles work

Forming meaningful connections
Foundation of new ideas and team culture
Improve team bonding without distracting work
Fun and welcome diversion
Social Media

Your identity for Slack…!

Share what you cherish and learn more about your colleagues. Comrades helps you discover common interests, personal preferences and fun facts of all users in your Slack workspace ...learn more about Identities

Fully integrated into Slack
Find common intrest
Search e.g. by team, skills or fav. tools

Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you'll pay


Up to 24 active users

  • Personal work identiies
  • Search & connect with users in Slack
  • Know your colleagues
Add to Slack


Up to 49 active users

  • Everything as in free
  • Add own, customizable profile questions
  • Unlimited work identities
  • Identity matching
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more than 49 active users

  • Everything as in standard
  • Advanced analytics

Free for communities

Comrades is perfectly suited for open-communities and educational institutes. Let us know to get a free install for your workspace.