Better #off-work conversations

Recurrently scheduled, temporary channels in Slack that initiate highly engaging and meaningful conversations.

Instant Happy-Hour Friday & other events for your Slack workspace.

Engage people & overcome distances

Everybody likes #off-work conversations (from time to time) and successful remote teams even need them to thrive. Make them happen in Slack.

Sync, but async

Circles are automatically initiated Slack channel, but...


To increases focus and reduces distraction, circle conversations are limited to 1h - 24h


so users can plan ahead and are committed to engage during the scheduled time.


On a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis for healthy communication habits and cohesion.

with immediate purpose

So that people get together having a shared and specific topic to talk about.


By creating randomly matched, fixed-size channels of 2-n people each. (optional)


Choose from 100s of customizable conversation starters that help to break-the-ice.

More engagement, less distraction

Better #off-work conversations for Slack


Get started within minutes. Circles includes off-work conversation templates for your Happy-Hour-Fridays, Catch-up Mondays, 1;1 Get to know each other and many more...

Video on demand

Switch from chat to video with a simple click. Every conversation has a dedicated video channel.

Customizable conversation starters

No workspace is alike and every conversation is different. Find or customize conversation starters that match your team, community or company.
Catch-up Monday
1:1 Get to know each other
Bi-weekly code talks
CEOs AMA, & more...

How it works

Create a circle

Get started and create a first circle for your workspace. Choose one of our templates or create it from scratch.

Invite people to join

Share the circle with #channels or invite @users directly in Slack. They will receive a message where they can simply join.

Have fun

You are all set. At the scheduled date a new conversation will be initiated, inviting all circle members for meaningful conversations.

You want to learn more about your colleagues?

Check out Identities for Slack

Free for communities

Comrades is perfectly suited for open-communities and educational institutes. Let us know to get a free install for your workspace.