Break the Ice - with your Identity for Slack

The easiest and fastest way to find, get to know and connect with people in your Slack workspace.

Overcome social distancing & strengthen personal relationships

Get closer with your team mates - from anywhere

Build to...

comrades is used by people and workspaces to

get personal

get people talking (break-the-ice), topics that are relevant for you and your colleagues ...ask


learn about users & search for similar interests and


a space for things that do not have a place, socialize
overcome distance -


New colleagues them to get contact. Find mentors and like-minded users

have fun

Open & transparent work-environment build trust and empathy


connect and stay up to date from anywhere

Couple with Food

Adjusted for your workspace

No Slack workspace is alike. Therefore, you can easily adjust and extend your ice-breaker question for your own: industry, community, business & company-style.

Looks great
Easy to use
Try it yourself!

Build connections

Get to know users in your Slack workspaces and:

Identify common interests

Promote camaraderie

Stay in-the-loop

Cloud Management

How it works

Find and connect

Description for step 2.

Know your colleagues

Description for step 1.

Stay in-the-loop & engage

Description for step 3.

Get Started

Free for communities

Comrades is perfectly suited for open-communities and educational institutes. Let us know to get a free install for your workspace.